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July 12, 2024

Invisalign vs Fixed Orthodontics: Why Invisalign may be best for you

As adults we tend to become more aware and conscious of ourselves and what the world around us thinks. Although you may be insecure about your smile and dream of straighter teeth, it may also concern you what other people may think about an adult with braces.


March 25, 2024

Easter smiles: keeping your teeth happy and healthy during the holidays.

With Easter fast approaching it’s hard to resist the allure of colourful chocolate eggs, marshmallow chicks and sweets galore. However, for those mindful of their dental health, indulging in these sugary delights can lead to a sweet tooth dilemma.


January 30, 2024

Diabetes and Dental Health

At Cobbs Garden Dental Practice we encourage patients to give us a full medical history so that we can treat and advise them in a way that is most beneficial. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the intricate relationships between diabetes and oral health, whilst understanding the challenges you may face as well as learning how to maintain a healthy smile whilst managing diabetes.


January 11, 2024

Overcoming dental anxiety: Your road to a healthier smile

Dental anxiety is not just a case of jitters before a dental appointment; it’s a lot deeper than that. It is a genuine psychological condition characterised by an overwhelming fear of dental visits. Our supportive dentists are familiar with dental phobics and will adapt their approach to make you feel more comfortable and will answer any questions you may have, whether they are about a dental procedure in general or any upcoming appointments.


November 30, 2023

Dealing with dental emergencies at Christmas: Home remedies and pain relief

The festive season is a time for celebration and joy, but it can also be a time when dental emergencies strike unexpectedly. Here at Cobbs Garden Dental Practice we do try our best to see all dental emergencies as soon as we can however during the Christmas period this is not always possible.